Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

CAB Radio Show Today 7.30.18

This is the second post on this blog site. If you are reading this, mahalo for your interest in the Community Advisory Board of the Kekahu Foundation. The Community Advisory Board (CAB) will use this site to keep listeners of Kaua'i Community Radio informed about the CAB and the work of the Kekahu Foundation.

The primary purpose of this post is to invite folks to listen to the CAB Radio show this afternoon at 5pm on KKCR- Kaua'i Community Radio. You can listen online at or dial us in at 91.9 fm (92.7fm in Anahola/Moloa'a region-90.9fm on the NorthShore of Kaua'i- 88.9fm on Oahu) The CAB Show is an infrequent segment (on the 5th Monday of the month) of the Monday Mixed Plate Show(5-6pm). Monday's Mixed Plate features a different show every week. See the KKCR program schedule online and listen in.

The secondary purpose of this post is to see if the technology exists for the CAB to use this blog as an alternative means of communications. We are optimistic that we are on the write path!

Mahalo to the staff of KKCR and the station manager for assisting in the development of this blog. If you are interested in participating as a CAB member feel free to send us an email to:


heading on up 5-6pm shift Community Radio on Kaua'i listen & learn smile & share are you listening?